I am second year PhD student at University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I am working on privacy in social media. I am also interested in computational social science and natural language processing. I have a blog where I relay my experiences doing PhD in Edinburgh, written in Turkish.

I received my undergradute degree in 2015, masters degree in 2017 from Boğaziçi University in Turkey. My master thesis was about preserving privacy in online social networks. The paper and the code are available. We proposed and implemented different negotiation techniques before uploading a post to OSNs so that every party involved is comfortable with the result. You can have more information about the project here.

I worked as software engineer at Pointr for 1.5 years where we tackled the indoor navigation problem. As it is known, GPS does not work very well in indoor spaces. We use bluetooth low energy technology to pinpoint the user’s position and navigate them to their destination. This is especially useful in places like airports and big malls. We work with clients such as Gatwick Airport and Harrods.

My personal interests include learning new languages, cooking different cuisines and reading fiction. I studied Japanese for five years and visited there few times. I also studied abroad for one semester at Hanyang University in Seoul.